Awaken 3Q FAQ

1. Where can I report my problem?

If you have problem for bug, in app purchase, account. Can you sent problem to us through the channel :

2. I want to know the details of the game's features

If you don't know about a feature of the game, you can research this feature at ingame : icon menu at main home -> Select help button.

3. Where can i charger ?

In App Purchase : Ingame at main home -> click Daily icon -> Select Gem Tap and click Purchase button.

And you can payment via web :

4. Where can i use Coupon(Giftcode) ?

You can use coupon(Giftcode) via :

5. When Underworld Boss Open ?

Every Saturday from 22:00 to Sunday 22:00 (GMT + 7)

6. Why can’t I evolve hero ?

May be your hero still at in the team, please check all team and remove this hero.

Team : Mission team 1, 2, 3, 4; Match; Tower Of Agony; Defense Squad in Manage Territory

7. Why can’t I receive Gem product Event?

If you want reward product event, you must receive 410 paid gems by in app purchase

8. I don't see bonus Gems of Preminum Growth Package I

When you buy Preminum Growth Package I -> Go to main home -> Check icon Gift -> you will see bonus gems at each level reached

9. How can i logout my account ?

At main home -> you click icon settings -> choose tab Link Account -> click logout. You will logout your account.

10. How can i change language ?

Step 1 : You click icon settings(Cài đặt)

Step 2 : Choose Game tap -> Language Select(Đổi ngôn ngữ) -> Select English

11. I Charged First Time but i Can't See Zhuge Liang

Maybe You have not exchanged Zhuge Liang. 

You go to main home -> click icon Bag -> select Shard tap -> Exchange Zhuge Liang

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