Tutorial Use Coupon Code

Tutorial Use Coupon(Gift Code)

You can get coupons via fanpage and events. The Coupon(Gift code) will be completely free.

There are 2 types of coupons :

  • General coupon (one coupon can be used by many users, one user only use General coupon one time)
  • Private coupon (one coupon can be used by one user)

If you want use coupon, you must login https://nap.sohagame.vn/awaken3q.

Step 2 : Login success, you will see your hero. Please choose your hero


Step 3 : You choose Giftcode(Coupon) Button and used a coupon.


Step 4 : Use Giftcode(Coupon) success, you will see notification


Step 5 : Please login ingame and check mailbox



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